Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Our New Babies

We bought my son a butterfly kit at Target last week and the little guys came in the mail today (they were an extra $3.00).

We got five of them and from what the directions say, they must stay in this container until they make their cocoons (I forget what the real term is) which will be in 7-10 days at which time I must transfer them to their habitat. Then, 7-10 days after that, they will turn into beautiful butterflies.

I do have to say that I am a little depressed at finding out that their lifespan as a butterfly is 2-4 weeks. Butterflies are so pretty, why can't spiders have a short lifespan?

After this I think we will get an ant farm. My husband and I had one a long time ago and not knowing any better we put two different colonies of ants in it. Can you say fight to the death? It was a horrible (yet very interesting) few days while the ants duked it out. Then there was one lone ant left who also died, most likely from woulds he recieved in his ant battle. Ants are vicious little buggers.

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