Thursday, June 3, 2010


I went to Target one last time this week to take advantage of the Olay deal (again) and the Pull Ups deal.

Nuk Pacifiers $2.78
3 Pull Ups Jumbo Packs @ $8.99 each - (3) $2.00 mc
Olay Complete Face Lotion $7.69 - $1.00 mc
Olay Toner $3.14
Total: $4.06 after paying with $30.00 in gift cards that I received from previous purchases.
Received: $10.00 in gift cards ($5.00 from Olay and $5.00 from Pull Ups)

I only had one Olay $1.00 coupon left but I needed to spend $10 so that I would qualify for the Olay buy $50 get $20 rebate. I also need facial lotion so I spent a little more to get something that I am going to use. All in all I spent $28.64 after coupons (pre coupon price about $57.63) and received $25.00 in gift cards for the Olay deal (other trips here and here). I will be submitting for the $20 rebate so you could say that I was paid $16.36 to "buy" twelve facial care products. Free is great but getting paid to buy stuff is even better!

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