Sunday, May 30, 2010

Target- Free Olay Cleanser! (and a WTF story at the end of the post)

Toddler Super Hero Underwear $8.00 (reg. $9.99)
2 Pillows @ $6.28 each (reg. aprox. $10.00)
2 Olay Foaming Face Cleanser @ $3.89 each - (2) $2.00 mc
2 Olay Toner @ $3.14 each - (2) $1.00 mc
Total: $29.28
Received: (2) $5.00 Gift Cards for buying 4 Olay products
The Olay Toner ended up being a .72 moneymaker when you take the gift card into account and the Olay Foaming Cleanser was a $1.22 moneymaker.
On a side note- my mom took the kids for the day so I told her I would do the Sobe Lifewater deal for her (buy 10 and get a $5 gift card). I bought 20 for her and had 2 $2.00 off of 10 coupons that she gave me to use.
The coupons came up as item not found so the cashier called over a manager (her name badge said trainer on it) and I was told that coupons could not be used with gift card deals if they didn't scan even though she admitted that I had the right products. She wouldn't budge so I said that I didn't want the Sobe and that she didn't know what she was talking about.I apologized to the cashier because she was very nice and told her that I hoped that she wouldn't have to put the stuff back and that the "manager/trainer" would.
I then went to the service desk and after the girl asked a manger about the coupons I got the Sobe and the gift cards. My husband was waiting by the registers for me and told me that the managers were saying that they thought I was trying to pull one over on them and that I would probably return the items for full price and that my coupons should have only been one per transaction (they said one per purchase).
I was a little pissed at this so I went back in the store and stopped a woman who looked like a manager ans asked her if they were talking about me. She basically said that my husband was confused and that they were just talking about people returning things in general of which I replied "are you sure about that?". She swore on her mother that they weren't talking about me so I shook my head and said sure and left the store. I will be emailing corporate or maybe I'll call the store and talk to the store manager- I don't know how much I feel like following through with this.
What gets me is that my total was $16.00 after the 2 $2.00 coupons and I only had 2 coupons- WTF is wrong with some of the people who work at these stores. My husband told me that I'm most likely a marked woman at the Plainville Target but oh well- they need to get their act together and not make up crap when a coupon won't scan.

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