Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stop and Shop Shopping Trip

I normally do my grocery shopping on Tuesdays or Thursdays and have to take my two youngest kids with me but today I decided that it would be nice to go shopping alone. I forgot how busy grocery stores are on weekends though- totally not fun dealing with the crowds and rude shoppers.

I normally hate shopping at Stop and Shop because their organic produce is terrible and they always run out of things I need, but I didn't have time to drive all the way to Whole Foods so I made due. I bought some things that I hated buying but you gotta do what you gotta do and it is not worth stressing out about sometimes not being able to buy what I like.

2 lbs Strawberries $3.49
Mini Watermelon $3.99
2.41 lb Grapes $7.21
Mushrooms .99
4 Kiwi @ .50 each
Lemon .59
Grape Tomatoes .99 w/ in ad coupon - .25 Checkout 51 rebate = .74
2 Bags Baby Carrots @ .99 each (for my daughter's preschool graduation party)
2 Cucumbers @ .50 each
Nature's Promise Organic Salad Mix $3.99
5 Coke 2 Liters @ $1 each (had to buy 5 for the deal, these are for my daughter's birthday party)
Stop and Shop Canned Whole Tomatoes .79
4 Stop and Shop Canned Beets @ .88 each
Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers $1.88 w/ in ad coupon
Scott Toilet Paper $9.99 w/ in ad coupon - $1 MC = $8.99
Hebrew National Beef Hot Dogs $3.50 (they did not have Applegate or any other nitrate free brands)
2.9 lbs Pork Chops $10.12 (I normally only buy antibiotic free but they didn't have any)
Stop and Shop Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate $1.59 (to make homemade Jello)
Kraft Singles .99 w/ in ad coupon - .25 Checkout 51 rebate = .74
Stop and Shop Whole Milk Ricotta $3.19
Stop and Shop Hot Dog Buns $1.34
Calise Sub Rolls $2.99
2 Horizen Organic Mac and Cheese @ $1.69 each - (2) .55 MC (doubled) = .59 each
Quinoa Pasta $3.09
Nature's Promise Organic Lemonade $2.50
2 Nature's Promise Almond Milk @ $2.29 each
Kettle Potato Chips $2.50

Total: $83.70 after Checkout 51 rebates

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