Saturday, June 7, 2014


Flowers.....On The 4th Aniversary Of That Special Someone....After taking a much needed hiatus from Just Call Me Cheap I feel renewed in my desire to write about all of the things that go on in my head.

My focus for this blog will be on what is it like for me to be a working mom with three kids and a desire to do my best for them.

I'll write about the good, bad and ugly because I have never been one to enjoy people who act as if life is always peachy. Being a mom is hard no matter what your situation. To hide the struggles seems to me to be a disservice to other moms, who just want to sometimes hear someone else say that they also sometimes lock themselves in their bedroom to get away from screaming kids (I hope I am no the only one who has ever done this).

I am also going to write about my family's journey to eat good, wholesome food. I'm going to start back up posting my shopping trips- not to show off but to hold myself accountable and to also show that I am not perfect and junk food does end up in my house (my husband has told me I will have to pry soda from his cold, dead hands). I will also be sharing how I have gone gluten free in a gluten loving house (and world).

I may even throw in some great deals I find on healthy foods and natural products. My home is at a usage rate of about 90% natural products which can be expensive, which is why when I find a deal I pounce on it (Amazon is my holy land- Amen to subscribe and save). I also just want to say that this site will never become one where I endorse any product that I do not agree with- money or free stuff is not worth my integrity. If I post something it is a product that I would use (or do use)- if you see me do otherwise please call me out on it because being a hypocrite is just not cool.

There it is- a plan. Now I just need to try to stick to it which is very hard for hard core procrastinator.

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  1. Welcome back! I've been doing some re-evaluating at my blog too and I've come to similar conclusions about what I want. I'll look forward to hearing more from you in the future!
    Kim @

    1. Thanks! I have been catching up on your blog after my internet break and I love it :)