Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Shopping

I was sick this week and then had to work on Saturday (and will be working every Saturday going forward) so I had to do my shopping today. I ended up going to Shaw's and Whole Foods- I was planning on going to Dave's Marketplace (a local RI grocery store chain) but my back was killing me so I will go there tomorrow to get our produce for the week.

Whole Foods

Celery $1.99
.41 lb Organic Kale $1.02
.65 lb Red Bell Pepper $1.94
1.22 lb Red Grapefruit $1.21
(2) 365 Frozen Corn @ $2.49 each (certified gmo free)
Annie's Frozen Pizza $7.99 - $1 Ibotta cash back = $6.99
(2) 365 Organic Tortillas @ $2.19 each
365 Organic Frozen Ravioli $4.99
Wallaby Organic Kefir $3.50
365 Organic Yogurt $2.99
Earth Balance Organic Buttery Spread $3.69 (dairy free)
365 Organic Orange Juice $3.99
365 Whole Milk $3.79 - .50 Ibotta cash back
365 Organic Lemonade $2.99
365 Saltines $3.19
365 Organic Buttery Round Crackers $2.99
365 Organic Cheese Square Crackers $2.69
Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce $4.49
(3) 365 Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk @ $1.99 each
Wing Time Buffalo Sauce $4.99
(2) 365 Organic Canned Tomatoes @ $1.99 each
(2) 365 Organic Pasta Sauce @ $2.29 each
365 Organic Baked Beans $1.49
(2) 365 Canned Kidney Beans @ .89 each
365 Organic Coriander $3.99
(3) 365 Organic Ketchup @ $1.99 each
365 Organic Taco Shells $2.79
DeBoles Gluten Free Pasta $2.49 - $1 MC = $1.49
365 Albacore Tuna $1.89 (sustainably caught) $1.89
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Sucanet (1 lb) $4.69 - $1 MC = $3.69
365 Sardines $1.79 (sustainably caught) $1.79
Nature's Gate Shampoo (18 oz.)$4.99
Nature's Gate Conditioner (18 oz.) $4.99
EO Kid's Body Wash $9.99
Kettle Chips (family size) $3.50
Whole Foods Organic Hot Dog Buns $2.99
(2) 365 Cage Free/Antibiotic Free Eggs @ $2.99 each
$1 donation to the Whole Planet Fund

Less $20 in gift cards (one was bought by me through Groupon and I had credits so it was free and the other was bought for me as a gift by my mom)

Total: $123.75 ($101.17 will go towards my grocery budget)


(3) 1 lb Containers Strawberries @ $1.50 each
2 Wild Harvest Organic Soup @ $1.50 each
Snackimals Organic Cereal $4.99 - 50% markdown = $2.49
Little Debbie Honey Buns $1.79 (for my husband)
4 Starbucks Ice Cream @ $2.99 each (my husbands most favorite ice cream)
2 lbs Grass Fed Ground Beef @ $7.99 BOGO = $4/lb

Less $2 gift card won from Monopoly Game

Total: $35.22

I spent a lot today. I did it because I feel like I haven't been grocery shopping in forever and I felt like our fridge was empty and our pantry was getting low. Plus, because I will be working on Saturdays I wanted to get my husband some quick things he could make for himself and the the kids when I am gone- if I don't provide these things then he will not think twice about getting fast food or ordering take out. I guess the extra I am spending now will end up saving money in the long run.

Tomorrow I plan on running to our local grocery store chain to pick up some produce- they have great prices and the quality of the produce is awesome. My son will be at school and my four year old is at my in-laws so it will be just my two year old and I.

Tomorrow I also plan on having a freezer cooking session- I plan on making a big batch of chili, eggplant "meat" balls and possibly a batch of waffles. We shall see if this happens as my back has been killing me lately- I am thinking it is from me going back to work and sitting at a computer for hours each day. Normally I am always up and about doing things so I guess my body needs to adjust; hopefully it is soon because sleeping with a heating pad every night is no fun.

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