Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yuck Day...

Dyslexia Friendly SignToday it is raining/snowing/sleeting out. I am sitting here in my bathrobe dreading the fact that I need to leave my cozy house to go to the grocery store.

Right now we are in emergency food mode as we have no fruit (well, except for applesauce cups) and the milk is getting dangerously low. I also need to buy cucumbers for my daughter's St. Patrick's Day party at preschool.

Sometimes I wish I had a personal assistant to attend to affairs such as these but unfortunately I am not independently wealthy and I married for love instead of money, so I guess I'm stuck with going to the store today.

Oh well- I am a New Englander born and bred so a little cold, nasty weather can't stop me (though I do dream of the day when we can move somewhere where ice scrapers are not necessary). Now to just ross my fingers and hope that Jilly and Alli are well behaved.

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