Monday, January 6, 2014

No Will Power...

my empty plate
I bought some Applegate Turkey Bacon a couple of weeks ago at Target because there was a 25% off Cartwheel coupon (Cartwheel is an app by Target that has really awesome percent off discounts on it for tons of stuff).

Before I go on, can I just say that this turkey bacon actually resembles real turkey? You look at it and can tell that it was cut from an actual animal. This is vastly different than the cheaper turkey bacon that I've consumed (before I knew better) which looked like they took turkey (who even knows what parts), put it in a blender and formed in into a bacon shape. Eww.

Today I decided to cook up the turkey bacon so that I could have a yummy topping for my salads for the week. Well, I cooked it up and between the girls and I we ate the whole package. Now granted, there were only like ten slices in the package but still.

Now I have a full belly (along with the cantaloupe I ate) and no yummy turkey bacon for my salads. I should change my middle name from "Lee" to "No Will Power".

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