Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Woke Up Feeling Blah...

(Fish) Cleaning in progressI woke up not feeling super great this morning so I am very thankful that it is Tuesday and my four year old doesn't have school- otherwise I would have had to drive her to preschool and then pick her up.

Tyler, who is six, does but luckily he is in elementary school and the bus stop is right out our side door; I can just watch him front the window. Total score on that one when we bought this house!

I just ate about two cups of cantaloupe hoping that it will give me the energy to go about my day but no dice with that one- I still just want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a book.

But there are things I to do today like clean the dining room, laundry, wash diapers, make dinner (salsa chicken in the crock pot- super easy meal which is what I need today) and clear out the sink from last night's dinner (I hate waking up to dirty dishes in the sink but my son's homework and reading bedtime stories to the kids comes before dishes).

I made up a new cleaning schedule that I will share later- I am hoping that it streamlines my life a little so I don't always feel so behind and stressed when it comes to keeping my home in shape.

Now to tackle my "to do" list...

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