Monday, January 20, 2014

Menu Funk

I am having a day today where the last thing I feel like doing is making up a menu plan.

Saturday night we had hard boiled eggs, toast and fruit because my husband was not home, Sunday we had Domino's because the chicken I was defrosting in the fridge was still frozen (I was super impressed with the gluten free pizza crust- so good!) and tonight we are having the aforementioned chicken which I am hoping is defrosted but silly me hasn't even checked yet.

Don't even ask me what we are eating the rest of the week.

A great thing about cooking pretty much everything from scratch is that it is less expensive and more healthy than convenience foods. A bad thing about it is that you have to cook everything from scratch even though you feel lazy and would rather shovel cow poop than make dinner.

So now off I go to put the chicken in the oven and make mashed potatoes (dairy free- I use Earth Balance "butter" and unsweetened almond milk). I'll probably make some quick gravy too because I am in comfort food mode right now- though I suppose the food would be even more comforting to me if someone else was actually making it.

Does anyone else get into a dinner cooking or menu planning funk? I really hope that I am not the only one.

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