Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cleaned Out the Pantry...

Yesterday I had the random desire to clean out my pantry. There were a million other things I could have cleaned but for some reason I could not focus on anything but my pantry.

I pulled everything out and threw away stuff that was expired (surprisingly there wasn't much), plus made a mental list of what I have on hand. I cleaned the shelves and then put everything back neatly.

I've noticed since I have started eating more "clean" that my pantry has shrunken. I no longer have stockpiles of processed foods and tons of snacks for the kids.

The very top shelf of my pantry is where I store small kitchen appliances and it is also where my husband keeps his junk stash- right now it consists of Cheez-Its, honey buns and Rice Krispies.

The next shelf down has pasta, various cooking oils, canned things (beets, tomatoes and pumpkin), rice, etc.

The last shelf is split in half. The left side is for baking supplies such as flour (including gluten free), sugar, gluten free oatmeal, etc. The right side for snacks- right now we have popcorn kernels, pretzels, Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, brown rice cakes, raisins, applesauce cups and puffed corn cereal.

Beneath all of that I have metal shelves that house extra food (right not it's just crackers), my Raw Meal (so great for when I have no time to eat breakfast or lunch), onions, garlic, potatoes and cereal.

I have to say that I am very content with my pantry and how we eat right now. I know that they may be some people who will look at this and will think that I am not feeding my family healthy enough but honestly- poo to them. This works for us. I am just amazed that my pantry is this neat and am wondering how long it will take me to turn it into a messy disaster again!

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