Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Gluten Free Cookie That's Awesome

I had a major craving for chocolate the other day- more specifically for chocolate baked goods.

The thing about my craving was that I don't keep store bought cookies in my house and most certainly do not keep pre-made cookie mixes in my house- if I want sweets I have to make them myself from scratch. Usually when I get a craving I am far too lazy to go about making something but this particular day the pull of chocolate was too much.

I actually love it not being simple to make cookies and cakes because it keeps sweets as a special treat. I can only eat them when I have time to make them and with three kids in the house I barely have time to get the basics done. So, cookies, cakes and other sweets are not a part of our regular diet.

That is all swell, but now throw into the mix that I am gluten and dairy free due to health reasons. I can't just make up a batch of my tried and true chocolate chip cookies like the olden days, now I have to scour the Internet for gluten/dairy free recipes and then pray that they turn out well.

The other day, my chocolate craving led me to a recipe for Gluten Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. These are in no way, shape or form a health food but they are delicious and don't contain anything that will make me sick. I have recently cut sugar out of my diet but do allow myself to "cheat" sometimes because sometimes you need a little sugar in your life (at least I do).

These cookies honestly taste just as good as regular gluten laden chocolate crinkle cookies; my kids loved them but were only allowed to have one each as these cookies were for me (hey, at least I let them have one- I could have hoarded all of the cookies for myself).

So right now I am one happy gal- I am eating some yummy cookies and have yet another winning gluten free recipe to add to my repertoire.

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