Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Shopping Adventures!

Bye bye old camera - ביי ביי מצלמה ישנה
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I took pictures of my shopping bounty but unfortunately it turns out that my camera does not store pictures internally if there is no memory card inserted. Blah.

So here is a much less exciting plain list of what I got:


Up & Up Bleach Kitchen Spray $1.89
Annies Graham Cracker Bunnies $2.00
Motts Natural Applesauce $2.19
Little Debbie Honey Buns $1.50 (for my hubby)
4 lb Bag Market Pantry Sugar $2.69
(2) 5 lb Bags Market Pantry Unbleached Flour @ $2.09 each
Market Pantry Dried Apricots $2.44
4 lb Gala Apples $4.79
Bananas $1.44
Market Pantry Frozen Broccoli .92
(2) Gallons Market Pantry Whole Milk @ $3.49 each
Simply GoGurt $2.64
Kraft Singles $2.99
24 Pack Market Pantry String Cheese $5.39
(4) Market Pantry Shredded Cheese @ $2.00 each - (2) $1/2 Target Coupons
Less $1/3 Market Pantry Items Target Coupon
Less $25 Gift Card (a Christmas Gift)
Less $10 Gift Card (from a previous shopping trip)
Less $1.25 in Red Card Savings

Total Out Of Pocket: $11.06

Dave's Marketplace (a local grocery store chain)

2 Crispix Cereal @ $1.99 each - $1/2 MC (I love this cereal as a snack!)
Matthew's Whole Wheat Bread $3.99
Stoneyfield 32 oz. Strawberry Yogurt $3.99 - .50 MC
2.72 lb Pears $4.05 (1.49/lb)
5 lb Bag Red Potatoes $3.99
2 Avocados @ $1.00 each
Kiwi .50

Total: $21.00

The following trip to Stop and Shop was made by my husband on Saturday...

2 Starbuck's Ice Cream
3 Bags Cadbury Eggs
Frozen Pizza
Candy for the kids

Total: $24.72

My total spent for the week is $149.96 which means I am .04 cents under what I budgeted, even with my husband's impromptu trip to the store.

I figure that next week I will be able to get by with spending less than $100 (hopefully!) and maybe from here on out I will be able to wrangle in my budget a bit while also buying healthy foods.

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