Friday, January 18, 2013

Kitchen Stuff...

Yesterday my daughter and I made a batch of waffles while my son was at school and the baby was sleeping. I only made one batch as this was a new recipe and there is nothing more annoying than making a triple batch of something only to find out that it tastes terrible. Well, the waffles were a huge hit and the one batch we made was gone by this morning.

Now, the recipe is not what I would necessarily call healthy but I am not one to tinker with a recipe until I know the original works. Now that I know my kids love the waffles, I am going to experiment with adding whole wheat flour and somehow cutting back on the butter. Maybe this will be a project for next week... I do have tons of flour in the pantry just waiting to be mixed up into deliciousness!

I also made meatloaf yesterday. I prepared the loaf earlier in the day when it was less hectic and then just popped it into the oven for an hour. Let me tell you- yum, yum, yum! This was a new recipe and it was perfect! The next time I make it I will definitely make a couple more for the freezer- the only thing that I would change about the recipe is to saute the onions to soften them before adding them to the mix.

I am really digging this whole menu planning and freezer cooking thing- I feel like I am getting back to the mom I used to be. Yes, it takes more time but it is so worth it! Plus, it is a great way to spend time with Alli (who is 3.5 years old) because she loves to put on her apron and help out. When I get my freezer full I know that I will start seeing the time savings and cost savings, but more importantly I know that my family will be eating wholesome food.

On Sunday I am planning on making burritos that can be frozen for me to eat for lunch. I did not have any canned refried beans so I decided to make my own- I only got as far as soaking and cooking the beans today but on Sunday I'll be able to follow this recipe. Then I'll add some brown rice, lots of spicy seasonings and whole wheat tortillas and have myself some yummy lunches!

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