Monday, January 21, 2013

Freezer Cooking- Bean and Rice Burritos

The chili I made a couple of weeks ago is gone so I needed to make something else for my lunches.

To keep up the spicy theme, I decided to make bean and rice burritos. They are really good and freeze well- and gosh darn it, I suppose they could even be considered healthy!

First, I made a batch of homemade refried beans. Let me tell you something- refried beans from a can are total crap and have the taste to match. If you want some real refried beans that are utterly delicious then you need to make your own. I used dry beans for mine because they are cheaper and way more healthy that canned beans.

Once the beans were done cooking and mashed up into perfection, I popped them onto some whole wheat tortillas along with some brown rice I seasoned with chili powder, cumin and paprika and rolled those babies up.

I only yielded six burritos from my cooking session as I ran out of tortillas (my 3 year old has been snacking on them) but if I had more I could have made at least four more burritos. These will make a great quick lunch for me and are a great small portions size.

Tomorrow I hope to make a huge batch of waffles for the freezer- I will just have to keep the kids away because they literally try to scarf them down as fast as I can make them!

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