Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Corn Muffins That Don't Suck

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My son had a feast at school today and instead of being lazy and volunteering to send in popcorn I decided to make corn muffins. The only corn muffins I have ever made were the Jiffy ones that you buy the mix for- they were dry and gross. Boxed mixes suck- homemade is always way better.

Now, I am no Martha Stewart- so when I need a recipe I consult cook books and the good old Internet. I found this recipe that had good ratings on All Recipes (my favorite recipe site- the only one other than Cook's Illustrated that I ever use).

These muffins came out delicious and I will most definitely be keeping the recipe in my arsenal to use in the future. One issue with the recipe is that it calls for buttermilk; if you are like me your local grocery store may not carry this ingredient but that issue is easily solved. To make one cup of buttermilk pour one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice (I squeezed a fresh lemon because I couldn't find lemon juice in the totally crowded store) and then fill the measuring cup with enough milk to equal one cup. Let it sit for five minutes and you have your very own homemade (and frugal) buttermilk to make these muffins or anything else your heart desires.

Corn muffins- yum!

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