Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let The Shopping Begin...

CVS Xmas November 17th. Bah, Humbug
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Thanksgiving is over which means that Christmas is going to be here fast.

You could say that we are technically done shopping for the kids but as I am obsessed with online shopping I am sure that a few more things will make it under the tree. Deals just seem to run rampant this time of year and to make sure I don't miss any I am glued to Slickdeals and Money Saving Mom; though I am way better this year at passing on things (last year, not so much).

The kids (and by kids I mean the older two) big gifts are Ipod Touches- we got them refurbished from Apple for $129 each. My husband picked up some random toys from Toys R Us on Black Friday- he was annoyed that the employees only let in twenty people at a time because he finds it hilarious when people run, push and fight for silly toys. For the baby we bought the adorable Little People Disney Princess Castle as her big gift and we also got her the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey (it's $17.99 an Amazon right now- great price!) so that she can also enjoy her sibling's Ipods.

We are really trying to tone things down this year because we just got rid of a ton of toys when we moved and we don't really have room for anymore stuff here. I am also not going to buy anything too big because we may be moving far, far away and whatever we buy will need to be moved. Plus I am trying to be more conscious of money (draining your saving for an unexpected move will do that to you) so I always have a little voice in my head asking if the kids will actually play with the toy I am tempted to buy for more than 24 hours (the answer is usually a big fat no). And definitely no Lego sets for my son- the small fortune in sets I bought last year was a waste because all of the said sets (after I built them) were reduced to rubble within a week.

In the interest of helping everyone find great deals on gifts, I will be posting deals as I come across them. Let the online shopping begin!

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