Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tacky Times Two...

Baby Registry
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Sometimes I feel like the future of our society is doomed.

Case in point- my cousin and his girlfriend are having a baby in September. They already have an almost three year old daughter together.

So, they are having a baby soon. I found out today that they are having a baby shower at their house and was asked if they got a hold of me. No, but I said that we moved and my mail has been getting messed up so maybe the invitation is at my old address. Well I guess that would be impossible considering they invited people through Facebook.

Huh? Is it not worse enough that you are having a baby shower when you just had a baby shower three years ago, but then you have to go to a whole other level of tacky and invite people through Facebook? What, you want to keep your overhead low so you can make out like a bigger bandit with all of the free stuff you're getting? Did you not save anything from your first child? If not, then why are you relying on everyone to re-buy you everything again just because you were wasteful?

Fail #1: Second baby shower when you just had a baby not too long ago
Fail #2: Facebook invite

Yes indeed, our society is doomed if people think that this stuff in any way contains one molecule of proper etiquette. If you must beg for more stuff for the baby you can't afford, at least go to the dollar store and buy some invitations and maybe cut out one trip to McDonalds so you can buy the postage.

I would woop my children if they ever pulled crap like this...

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  1. I totally agree on both of your tacky points... the godson of my father in law is getting married. His fiance's family threw a bridal shower. It literally said "Greenback Bridal Shower" on the invitation. Are you freakin' serious?!

    And don't even get me started about Facebook... Apparently nothing is "for real" unless it's on FB... FB is rotting brain cells, one status update at a time!