Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreaming of the DMV...

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Today I finally went to the DMV and got my Rhode Island driver's license. I was expecting a terrible experience because the word DMV seems to be synonymous with hell but it was actually not so bad!

The Cranston branch was well organized and I was in and out in about an hour. The people working there were nice too- except for the guy who takes the license pictures; he was a little creepy. If someone is as old as my dad I most certainly don't want them checking me out- young guy yes, old guy no.

I brought my kindle to keep me occupied while I waited but I couldn't help but people watch and come up with snarky comments in my head. What is it with people wearing their pajamas and sweatpants out of the house? I actually was beginning to feel overdressed in my jeans and t-shirt outfit. Maybe it's because I am home with the kids all day but if I don't put on real clothes I feel like a decrepit piece of crap. Putting real clothes on makes me feel like I am part of the real world instead of stuck in a pile of dirty laundry, spit up and dirty dishes while dealing with three screaming kids. If for some reason I get stuck in sweatpants and or pajamas all day I feel like my soul has been crushed. Dramatic, huh?

I was actually a little sad leaving the DMV because it was peaceful- once I returned home it was back to the whining, screaming kids. Now on days where the kids are particularly annoying I can dream about sitting at the DMV instead of my usual dream of shoveling cow manure.

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  1. If you're a AAA member, you can renew your license, and I think even registration and such at their locations. This way, you can avoid having to visit the gosh darn DMV! Stay far, far, far away from the Portsmouth DMV location. You will waste away an entire day waiting in line there!