Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Open Letter to Stop and Shop...

Honest Advertising at Stop & Shop
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Dear Stop and Shop,

I am writing this because I have had it with your terrible produce. Everything I buy from you is gross! The strawberries are moldy, the potatoes are rotten (my most recent batch had mold growing on them) and the expensive avocados I bought are full of gray, rotten spots.

I really thought that when you came out with your new guarantee of double your money back if you're not satisfied that you would upgrade the quality of your produce but you didn't. It still sucks and I have had it with buying it. I shouldn't have to truck my butt back to the store to get a refund for crappy produce- I should be able to buy a darn bag of potatoes without having to throw at least half away.

Due to your lack of desire to provide your customers with high quality produce, I will not be buying it from you anymore. Now I will go out of my way to purchase higher quality (and more expensive) produce from Whole Foods (Shaws, Target and BJ's suck too) or from the farmer's market. This means that I will be spending more of my time and using way more gas but at least I'll know that I won't be feeding my family moldy, rotten junk.

So, there you have it Stop and Shop- because of your inability to sell decent produce I will no longer be buying it from you. You should be ashamed of the crap that you try to pass off as produce.


One Disgruntled Mom


  1. DO you have an Aldi in your area? Produce is great and awesome prices. I just bought a bunch of banana, a cantelope, a honeydew melon and a pineapple for $5.

  2. Have you tried the Stop & Shop Produce in Bristol, RI? The organic selection is one of the BEST I have ever seen (other than Whole Foods) and beautiful grapes and cherries and peaches can be found there when in season.... really delicious.

    Also, I wanted to add that even Whole Foods can have crappy produce...especially the Waterman St. store in Providence. Also, sometimes the produce looks perfectly fine, but lacks any flavor at all - even when its organic....I'll never know what's going on!

    anyway, I appreciate what you are saying since gas is expensive and produce is costly, and you want it to be super fresh. On the other hand, I'm happy that the Rhode Island branches of Stop and shop are here because I like having more than one alternative when shopping for organic produce. Dave's market is lacking and Whole Foods is not that convenient for me.