Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Pooches Are Not Welcome...

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Having kids does something to your body and it's not something good.

I, thankfully, have lost all of the weight from my pregnancy. I am happy about this but my jeans still don't fit me how they used to- I have flab in places I didn't have it before including the dreaded baby pooch. You know what I'm talking about- the pooch you get on your lower abdomen after having kids. It's funny, because even after I had my first child and was a skeleton with skin on it (I was not doing well with the dairy free thing back then and lost tons of weight) I still had a little pooch. The darn thing is stubborn.

Well guess what- I'm pretty darn stubborn too and I refuse to let the pooch keep me from looking semi-hot in a bathing suit this summer. I don't want people to say "she looks great for having three kids" which is a total backhanded compliment, I want them to say "she looks great". I will beat the pooch into submission!

This of course means that I will need to exercise consistently. I have exercising- I started to exercise last week but after a few days other things kept coming up that gave me pitiful excuses not to do it. Now I mean business; I am going to do the 30 Day Shred and am going to exercise everyday. In 30 days I expect that the baby pooch has packed its flabby little bags and moved on to go make someone else feel subconscious about themselves.

Today I shredded so one day down, twenty-nine more to go. Like I said, I hate exercising so doing it is right on par with torture for me but it's only about twenty minutes; I suppose I can stand anything if it's only for twenty minutes. But, wouldn't stuffing my face with Reese's Cups be a more fun twenty minute activity? Yes, yes it would...

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  1. WTG on starting the 30 DS! I do that workout every other day or so. It kicks my butt! Can you believe it's already almost swim suit season? Wow times flies.