Monday, May 21, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Today was the big day- my son's birthday party. The weather was great (though a little hot) and everyone seemed to have fun.

Here is the cake. This cake took me a loooong time to decorate. I now hate frosting.

How can you have an Angy Birds birthday party without a life sized game of Angry Birds?

These balls also took me a looong time to make but unlike the cake we will have them forever (or at least until my kids find a way to destroy them). I used this tutorial but decided on playground balls because I wanted something a little more heavy duty.

The boxes are just random boxes that I wrapped in craft paper.

The kids loved it. My son thought I was a pretty cool mom so my hard work was totally worth it.

Here is one of the goodie bags. My son was more excited about the goodie bags than the cake. How annoying considering the cake kept me up till 3 am and these goodie bags took half an hour to make.

So the party was a success and I am one tired mama.


  1. It all looks so awesome!!!! I so want to play the life-sized version of Angry Birds right now. I don't dare let my daughter see this post or all the princess items awaiting her birthday in my closet will be ditched in favor of Angry Birds. You rocked the Angry Birds birthday bash!!!

  2. Everything looked great! Happy birthday to your little one.