Friday, May 4, 2012

Angry Bird-Day Party Countdown...

When asked what kind of birthday party he wanted, my son replied "Angry Birds".

I have until May 20th to make it happen. 

The first step was the invitations which I made because I am crazy and enjoy crafty stuff like that. Next I am going to make Angry Bird playground balls and paint boxes brown and gray- all for a life sized game of Angry Birds for the kids to play at the party.

Then it is onto coming up with an idea for the cake. They don't make Angry Birds cake pans so it's all on me to come up with something cool. Then I will pray that I can pull it off when I get home from work that Saturday because the party is on a Sunday- I predict I will be up until 2 am and be covered in frosting.

And on top of the stuff I'm making I have to decide what kind of food we're having (and order it- we decided that grilling for everyone is too much of a hassle), buy snacks and drinks, make favor bags and buy stuff to fill them, reserve the bouncy house and buy miscellaneous party supplies (plates, utensils, cups, napkins, table covers, etc). Oh yes, and we just have to have a pinata because the birthday boy made a special request.

Sixteen days and counting...

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  1. My friend just had a party for her son she did most of the stuff her self...She took TP rolls and painted them yellow, zig zagged them and they were the little crowns..SUPER cute