Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whole Foods

Total: about $50

This trip was from last Wednesday. I don't have the exact amount because I wasn't paying attention when the cashier asked if I wanted a receipt and said no.

The split chicken breast was on sale for $2.99 a pound so I stocked up and bought about 10 pounds. They are portioned two breasts to a package and are ready to just pop into the freezer which makes my life way easier.

I also got some organic apples ($1.99/lb), organic pears ($1.99/lb), a tomato ($2.99/lb), 3 organic kiwis (3 for $1), green beans ($1.99/lb), overpriced fruit snacks (on sale for $3.50 each instead of $4.79 each), purple potatoes ($1.49/lb) and flowers that my daughter carried through the store and beat to death ($2).

If anyone is wondering, the purple potatoes are actually purple on the inside. I though the skins were just purple, like how red potatoes have red skin but are white in the middle. Boy was I surprised when I cut into those babies! The tasted good but had a more earthy flavor than regular potatoes. My husband and kids would not touch them with a ten foot pole.

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