Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards- My Kids Are No Fun

Thanks to Pinterest I found a cute idea for Valentines Day cards for my son to hand out at nursery school. His school does not let you bring in candy so I guess crayons it is. Even better, for their Valentine's Day party I am bringing in string cheese- they had a sign up list with that, strawberries and napkins on it. What, no stinking cupcakes? What kind of party doesn't have stinking cupcakes!!

Anyways... My kids were into making the heart crayons for about five minutes which left me sitting there peeling all of the stupid paper off all by myself. Isn't it annoying when you think your kids are really going to enjoy an activity and they end up not caring whatsoever about it?

Oh well, I think they are cute. I love making stuff like this- I will literally cry the day that my son decides he would rather use store bought cards. 

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