Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sleep Deprived and Oh So Annoyed...

Stop complaining.
It is 5:15 am and the baby has been awake for over an hour and refuses to go back to sleep. I am so tired that I feel like my head is going to fall off and roll across the floor and I am still sick.

This is not the day to be dealing with this because today was already going to be one of those days. My son has a dentist's appointment this morning which is the first one that I will have to drag three kids to. I already have a headache thinking about the chaos that will ensue. My son is so well behaved at the dentist that he is not the problem. It is my two year old daughter who will have the issue- I think the nice way of describing a kid like her is precocious but I like to call her a drama queen/diva. Then there is the baby. The baby is a good little girl but has the tendency to hate going places and to top that off she is still sick. Hopefully I can bring some random crap for my two year to play with to keep her occupied and maybe if I put the baby in the baby carrier she will be quiet and nap through the appointment.

Then, after lunch my son is going over a friend from school's house to play. This is the first time he has gone over someone's house from school and he is very excited. When I told him last night that I would be dropping him off and not staying he got upset so I guess I may have to hang around for a bit. This is inducing a headache already because if I stay then my daughter and the baby obviously have to stay too. As I said before, the baby hates going places and my daughter can be a total pain sometimes. I am thinking (hoping) that when we get there my son will be so excited to e with his friend that he will tell me to scram but we shall see.

Sometimes I really think that us stay at home moms get the shaft. I would honestly right now rather be the breadwinner for the family and be getting a good night's sleep and not have to deal with bringing the three kids every which where; plus if I were ever sick I could call into work and actually get to recuperate while my house-husband minded the kids. As it is right now I get to be sick with the added privlage of caring for a sick baby all day and night.

Maybe once this child falls back asleep this morning I'll stop being such a grouch and realize how lucky I am to be able to stay home with the kids all day (as we used to say back in the 90's, NOT!).

Disclaimer: If there are grammatical errors I apologize but I am too tired to go back and proofread this.

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