Saturday, February 18, 2012

All Things Must Come to an End...

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Today I am officially taking a sabbatical from this blog.

I really like blogging but something has to give and internet time it is.

I have been feeling really overwhelmed with life in general lately and don't need any unnecessary distractions derailing me from getting back to my old self.

Maybe in the future I will have time for this blogging hobby of mine. I would like to say thank you everyone who reads this blog- it really felt nice to know that others out there were actually interested in what I had to say.

So on I go back to my life as a stay at home mom in which there is never a dull moment!


  1. Good luck!! I myself am taking a break as we found out we are expeting #4 on top of sinus infection and nerve damage in my head!!

  2. I'll miss your realistic views on being a mom and especially the uninspirational sayings. Enjoy your family!

  3. I just found your blog.. I really liked your posts. I will miss ya!