Friday, December 9, 2011

Whole Foods- Finally Used My Voucher!

1 lb Sirloin Steak Tips $9.99 (for dinner)
1.3 lb Organic Pears $3.24
1.73 lb Russet Potatoes $2.58 (for dinner)
Nature's Rancher Beef Hot Dogs $5.99
Less .05 reusable bag refund
Less $20 Living Social voucher (paid $10 for it)

Total: $1.75
Actual Cost: $11.75

My voucher was expiring very soon so I finally got to go use it, thanks to my mom taking the two older kids for the day.

The steak tips were very good- way more tender than what I usually buy at BJ's or the regular supermarkets. The potatoes and pears were not partially rotten like the potatoes and pears I buy at the regular supermarket. Hmmm, I see a pattern here. Is it that Stop and Shop and Shaws have awful produce sections and do not care at all about the quality of food they are selling to their customers? If Whole Foods was closer to me I would be buying all of my produce there because I would rather pay a little more and know that I won't end up throwing half of it away because it is total crap.

The hot dogs were a decent price. They don't have any weird chemicals or nitrates in them and are all beef- still not what I would call healthy food but definitely more wholesome than what I normally come across. They'll be good for a once in awhile treat for the kids lunches.

I totally swoon over Whole Foods...

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