Friday, October 7, 2011

CVS- Saved 94%

2 Starbucks Frappuccino @ $5.00 each - $2/2 MC
Gatorade $3.00
Less $10 ECB

Total: $1.00
Saved 94%
Received $5 ECB for purchasing $15 of Starbucks/Gatorade (I bought a pack of Gatorade the other day)

My husband loves the Starbucks drinks and hopefully by me buying them he will stop getting Dunkin Donuts everyday- what a budget buster buying coffee everyday can be. The Gatorade was a treat for me.


  1. That's a great deal!!!! My hubby also buys dunking donuts like 3 times a day...but I don't shop at cvs, if I do start, how long will it take me to start saving like this?

  2. You should definitely check out Money Saving Mom (I have her blog listed on my side bar). She has tutorials on how to start drugstore shopping- she is why I started playing the "drugstore game".