Sunday, September 4, 2011

Target- Some Stuff We Needed and Some Stuff We Didn't Need...

Hanes Boy's T-Shirts $5.99
Hanes Boy's Boxers $5.99 - .50 Peelie
Circo Twin Comforter Set $41.98 (reg. $59.99)
Monkey Poster $3.48 (reg. $4.99)
Hebrew National Beef Hot Dogs $3.49 (for lunch)
Heinz Ketsup $2.29
2 Knorr Sides @ $1.04 each (my husband's doing)
Betty Crocker Potatoes $1.84 (my husband's doing)
Chef Boyardee Whole Wheat Beefaroni .82 (for work lunch)
Cheerios $3.04
2 Motts Natural Applesauce @ $1.84 each
Minute Maid Orange Juice $2.89
2 Simply GoGurt @ $2.69 each - $1/2 MC
Personal Watermelon $3.49
Market Pantry Pasta and Sauce @ $1.00 each - $1/2 Target Coupon
2 Market Pantry Shredded Cheese @ $2.29 each - $1/2 Target Coupon
Nivea Body Wash $3.14 - $2.00 MC and $1.00 Target Coupon 
Princess Hair Brush $4.39 (husband insisted my daughter needed this)
Cottonelle Wipes $2.24 - $2.24 Free MC (from awhile ago) ***free***
Tie-Dye Kit $1.98 (reg. $7.99)
Tinkerbell Journal $1.00
Less $4.60 Red Card Savings
Less $5 gift card earned last week

Total: $90.58

My son really wanted a new comforter for his big kid room so I bought one for him- it was on clearance for 30% off and I know I should have waited until it went down further but then I would have taken a chance that there would have been none left. Maybe I'll go back later in the week and check to see if the price goes down but if not, oh well.

See what happens when the whole family comes to Target with me? I spend way more than I would have if I went by myself. I am such a pushover...

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