Sunday, September 4, 2011

Go To Sleep...

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Last night my four year old son got out of bed two times after we tucked him in for the night.

Each time he had an excuse- the first time he had to get some friends (his stuffed animals) and the second time he wanted to see how I was doing sewing my daughter's bedskirt. Normally, I would have been very annoyed that he got out of bed but last night I took a step back and looked at it through my son's eyes.

I remember when I was a kid sometimes I would get out of bed after being tucked in and walk to the living room to see what my parents were doing. Everything seemed so different after bedtime. My parents sitting on the couch watching tv seemed so cool, mostly because I was supposed to be in bed sleeping.

Last night my son had that moment that I had when I was a kid- to see what life was like for the grown ups when the kids were in bed. To most, watching tv and sewing seem pretty darn boring but to a four year old who should have been sleeping it seems almost magical to see what life is like after bedtime. To be a kid again...

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