Monday, August 8, 2011

Roger Williams Park Zoo- I Survived... Barely

I had the great idea to take the kids to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI last week... by myself. Yep, it was just very pregnant me, a four year old and a two year old trekking around the zoo. What could possibly go wrong?

So jealous of this guy, I was really wishing that I could just lay down. Yeah, even laying down in some dirt would have sufficed.

My daughter loved the elephants but both kids were really interested in the giant piles of elephant poop.

While my daughter and I were enjoying watching the giraffes my son was already complaining and telling me to hurry up because he wanted to eat lunch- mind you we hadn't even been at the zoo for half an hour yet.

Turtles- not so interesting. Turtle poop- quite amazing to the youngsters.

I'm sure these eagles were having about as much fun as I was... meaning they must have felt like flying head on into that rock wall.

Cute penguins... by this point my arm was almost falling off because my sweet little daughter didn't want to walk where I wanted her too and she apparently will die if she is ever strapped into a stroller.

Ahhh, we came all this way for my kids to finally not be annoying me by playing in water. Water is something that we could have played with at home and avoided this disastrous trip.

The only way I could get a picture of the kids was to tell them to make funny faces at me.

Basically my son complained the whole time he wanted to eat lunch (yes I brought snacks and no he did not want a snack- he wanted lunch) and my daughter either was walking painfully slow or running every which way that her little heart desired.

We made it to the food court and sat and ate our lunch at which I got to the point where my son pushed my buttons one too many times and I said that we were going home. He had a full on tantrum and cried the entire way to the car... THE ENTIRE WAY! I ignored him and he followed me crying (at least I could tell he was with me because of his incessant blubbering) and at the same time I was pushing a stroller and carrying my daughter in almost rainforest-like humidity.

The only thing that I can say to sum up this trip is that I somehow survived without suffering a nervous breakdown and I guess whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I may even attempt another trip in September before my son starts school when the weather will hopefully be a bit cooler- at least the next time I will know what to expect and can come up with a plan of defense.

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  1. I live in RI! Love the park but it's a long day with little ones and so much to see! Great pics