Saturday, July 30, 2011

When Did I Turn 90 Years Old...

The kids and I went to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI yesterday (more on the zoo later...). I went to school in Providence for a short while and used to hang out there with my friends during my misguided (and alcohol induced) youth pre-kids and marriage. So, lets just say that I somewhat know my way to the city from my town.

Well, my husband suggested that I use my vehicle's in dash navigation to get me to the zoo and against my better judgement I agreed. You see, I am more of a print out directions from Mapquest kind of girl- it's just my thing and I am the kind of person who does not like change to my routine.

We left my house and the GPS was taking us God knows where. I got right on 95 which is how you get to Providence but then after the GPS telling me to get off at every exit I passed I finally listened to it and got off of the highway. I ended up driving through many ghettos (my son asked why I kept hitting the lock button for the doors- I told him we were driving through bad areas) and praying that the darn GPS would lead me out of the hell that I was driving through (yeah, I'm a snob when it comes to driving through crappy areas).

A long time later we finally got to the zoo. My husband, after getting annoyed with me and insinuating I was crazy, apologized because he said he must have set the GPS to avoid highways. On my way home I got lost too and finally turned off the God damned thing and went home my own way. I suppose if you have no idea where you are going then a GPS would be fine because if it took you a back-ass-wards way you wouldn't know any better but this bit of technology is just not my cup of tea.

Yes, my name is Erica and I am 28 years old (going on 90) and I will never use a GPS again in my lifetime. Sorry Mapquest for cheating on you, please take me back!

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