Thursday, July 28, 2011

Target Toy Clearance- Hip Hip Hooray!!!

I made out pretty well during this round of toy clearance. I am not going to list out what I bought because it would take way too long but basically everything I got was 75% off and now my toy closet id getting full again. I got a mixture of toys for my kids and for presents for others.

Total: $104.07 (I saved a whopping $5.32 by using my Target Credit card)
Saved 76%

I did use a couple of coupons- I used a 25% off coupon on one of the Trio sets taking it from $2.24 to $1.68 and an Iron Man figure had a $2 peelie on it taking that from $2.74 to .74. Not shown are two toy snakes and a Lightening McQueen key chain flashlight (bribes to keep the kids quiet while I hoarded the clearance toys).

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  1. Yay! I love Target too, and love the REDcard. You did REALLY well! Here are my finds: