Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teacher Gift- My Son's Masterpiece!

My son's last day of nursery school was this past Thursday so I needed to think of something to give his teacher. I am not one for feeling obligated to give people gifts but my son's teacher was just so good with him this year and he really likes her so I wanted to get her something to show our appreciation for all of her work.

I gave my son some glue, paint and buttons and told him to make something beautiful for his teacher. Once his creation dried I put it into a frame and then painted a thank you note on it. He was so proud of his little masterpiece and you should have seen his face when he gave it to Ms. Mary.

I bought a plain brown gift bag from Michael's, some ribbon and some tissue paper and put this gift bag together- looks nice enough. I also wrote a thank you note to his teacher letting her know how much my husband and I appreciate all that she has done for our son this past year and included a $20 gift card to Panera. The kind of person who has the patience to be around preschoolers all day just amazes me- they are all a bunch of saints in my eyes.

So now my little baby is out of school and will be home all day every day to terrorize his little sister and me. What an absolutely wonderful time of year this is...

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