Saturday, June 11, 2011

RIP Dork Van...

My husband has a disease and it is called car schizophrenia. This disease causes him to not be able to have the same car for more than a year, otherwise he starts to break out in a weird rash (the last part isn't true, he just gets really antsy and annoying). He started to come down with his usual symptoms lately and because I am such a good wife I let him follow his dream and ditch the minivan (that he wanted, by the way, and I hated) and buy his dream "daddy" car- a 2008 Acura MDX.

Financially not so smart but I suppose we all have our things that we do that look dumb to others- getting a different car almost every year is my husbands.

He loves the car, but how do I feel about it? Well, right now with two kids it is great. I feel somewhat cool again driving it instead of being behind the wheel of the VW Routon in which I felt like whatever I had left of me was being sucked away to mom-jeans land. When we have the baby though, well- I have a feeling I may go on a total bitch-fest the first time I have to transport all three kids at the same time.

Is feeling just a little cool again worth giving up the convenience of the dork van?

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