Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Goal: Don't Go Crazy

Today I am eighteen weeks pregnant and I am disparately trying to stop feeling so overwhelmed with my everyday life.

My kids are great but when they are not great it can be pure hell in my house, especially when my four year acts up. He knows that I can't pick him up and drag him to his room anymore so like a good little monster he uses that to his advantage. The two year old is pretty easy to deal with at home when she is having a tantrum because I have learned to just ignore her- I am getting pretty amazing at tuning out her screaming. I totally lack the ability to be one of those calm moms who never yell at their kids and I have come to accept it.

This summer is going to completely test what little patience I have left and hopefully I don't end up having a nervous breakdown by September. My neighbor was telling me yesterday that her goal is to do fun activities with her kids everyday (she has three, all five and under).  I told her that my goal for the summer was to make it through each day without going crazy. I am pregnant with a four year old, a "terrible" two year old and just enough energy to get the bare minimum done around the house. We will have the occasional outing but I am most definitely not a glutton for punishment and will not put un-needed pressure on myself to make my kids' summer magical.

And now off I go to check on my son who is currently locked in his room because he was disobeying me all morning. Yeah summertime.

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