Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Now Pronounce You... Fat Fingers

Yesterday I had to take off my wedding ring due to my fingers beginning to swell and it feels so weird not to have it on...

The only other times I have not worn my ring in the past almost six years was when I was pregnant with my son and my daughter, also due to swelling. It is so funny because your wedding ring becomes a part of you and I didn't even notice I had it on most of the time, it was always just there. Now without it my finger feels so bare. I swear my finger is freaking out about it not being there because the skin underneath where my ring was is all sensitive and cracking after being exposed to the air after so long- I had to put some Eucerin ointment on it and now it feels a little better but yuck.

Today I will try to find a chain to put my ring on so I can wear it around my neck for the next five months- at least I know that no one will try hitting on me while I'm out during the day because being fat and pregnant with two kids is most definitely not a turn on.

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