Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mission Impossible- Declutter the Toys

My kids have a lot of toys. My son had a lot of toys and then when my daughter was born the toys seemed to have spawned new toys.

At one time we just had one large Ikea bookcase in our family room to hold my son's toys. We then bought another one to place beside it when my daughter started to accumulate toys but ended up putting more of my son's toys on it. All of my daughter's toys were put in our den which we gated and baby proofed so she would have a safe room that we could put her in when we couldn't keep an eye on her. Both rooms started neat enough but then turned into something I hate- cluttered rooms.

The other day I took it upon myself to start consolidating the kids toys into the family room because my daughter is old enough to not have to be locked up in the den (the rest of the downstairs is either gated or toddler proofed) and I want to den to be back to a grown-up room. My goal is to have all of the kids' toys together and then when the baby starts crawling to make the den the baby's safe play room (but with way less toys).

I did pretty good- I moved the kitchen set and various dishes and play food into the kids' playhouse in the family room and I also moved a bunch of my daughter's toys. The only things left are all of her Little People sets, a bunch of random toys and a bunch of stuffed animals. Once I go through all of my son's toys and put some in the basement everything should fit neatly into the family room.

Is it me, or has the nesting stage of my pregnancy already begun?


  1. When I was prego with number 3 my house never looked better..I had it all painted, touch up painted, organize, clutter free etc. It was amazing..Just go with it cause once the baby comes it seems everything slows down lol..Also I love the spawn of toys comment I feel the same way

  2. They just multiply! Our "playroom" looks so similar. I need to get motivated to do a purge here soon. Good luck on the continued "nesting".