Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kid Free Day- Yeah!

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment with my OB and my mom graciously offered to have a "Mimi Day"- this means that she will take the kids for the day and let them driver her crazy instead of me. I love these days but don't get them too often- not that my mom wouldn't take the kids more. She always tells me that she will take them if I need time to myself but I always feel so guilty dumping my kids on others unless I have a good reason, such as a doctor's appointment, where there is no way I could take them with me. I'm of the mind set that I had them so I will suffer the consequences, even if it drives me to the looney bin. Plus, my mom lives about 20-30 minutes away so it can be a bit of a pain sometimes to bring the kids there and when I pick them up right before dinnertime they are little grouches from having an indulgent day with Mimi.

Anyways, so tomorrow I will have a few hours after my appointment to go to run errands and there are so many possibilities of what I could get done! Here are the things that are swimming around in my head:
  • get some of the great deals at Rite Aid
  • return some things at Walmart and do a little shopping there (cheap wipes and free soap)
  • return some things to Old Navy and use my $20 Groupon
  • go to Michaels to buy gift bag/stuff to decorate it with for Tyler's teacher
  • go to Hallmark and buy Tyler's teacher a card (or maybe I'll make her one...)
  • get Tyler's teacher a gift card to somewhere (maybe Panera, who knows)
  • go to BJ's- we need wheat waffles, ground beef and dog food stat!
  • maybe go to stop and shop and Shaws... maybe
I think that is everything... It seems like a lot but BJ's, Walmart, Michaels, Hallmark and Old Navy are all right in the area that my mom lives and there are Rite Aids along the way as well as a Stop and Shop, Shaws and Panera. By the end of the day I will feel stressed from running around but as a mom to two young children I need to take my opportunities to get stuff done when I can. Tonight I just have to sit down and write out my shopping lists and gather any coupons that I am going to use so that I will actually be prepared. Wouldn't it be nice to just lounge around the house kid free though...

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