Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gap- Saved and Average of 77%!!!

Toddler Girl Denim Shorts $9.99 (reg. $24.95)
Toddler Girl Tank Top $4.99 (reg. $14.50)
Toddler Girl Lace Vest $9.99 (reg. $26.95)
Toddler Girl Bathing Suit $12.99 (reg. $24.95)
Toddler boy Rash Guard $7.99 (reg. $19.95)
Toddler Boy Bathing Suit $7.99 (reg. $24.95)
Toddler Boy Shirt $7.99 (reg. $14.50)
Less 30% discount on clearance
Less $30 in Rewards Certificates

Total: $13.35
Saved 93%

Toddler Girl Skirt $7.99 (reg. $14.50)
Toddler Girl Dress $15.00 (reg. $29.95)
Toddler Girl Shirt $4.99 (reg. $14.50)
Less 30% discount on clearance (excluding the dress)

Total: $24.09
Saved 60%

I went on a bit of a shopping spree for the kids but who could resist when I got such great deals! The dress in the bottom picture was so adorable I had to buy it for my daughter to wear to her birthday party in a couple of weeks.

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