Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Do List (somewhat) Done

So, yesterday I posted my to do list. Here is how I did:

  • figure out what to have for dinner (from what we have on hand because I have not been grocery shopping this week yet)
Done- I ended up going to the grocery store so I made stuffed shells for dinner. They were delicious and I stuffed my face.
  • baby proof daughter's room (she can climb out of crib so we are going to change it to a bed for her which means we have to make her room toddler proof)
Done- my husband helped. We turned her crib into a day bed and put on the crib rail I ordered. Last night she stayed in her new bed and I now officially have a big girl on my hands.

  • clean the bathrooms
Half done- I cleaned the downstairs bathroom. As far as the upstairs bathroom- maybe I'll get to that today. God only knows what kind of germs are roaming in the bathtub and on all of the kids' bath toys.

  • make paper Spiderman heads to glue on plain white paper lunch bags for the favor bags for my son's birthday
Didn't even start to do these.

  • laundry, lots and lots of laundry
I did lots of laundry. It is all folded and just has to be put away so I'm just going to say that this is done.
  • make sure the kids don't make a huge toy mess so my husband doesn't whine when he gets home that I'm lazy for letting the kids destroy the house (sometimes a destroyed house is worth it when it keeps the kids from constantly fighting but I suppose my husband sees things differently...)
The house was not super messy and my husband did not have another hissy fit.

  • make a shopping list for my son's party and order the small deli platter (we are also going to have hot dogs and hamburgers, etc.)
Half done- I made the shopping list but haven't ordered the deli platter yet. Maybe I should stop being uber lazy and do it considering it will take about 5 minutes.

  • make a huge batch of wheat banana pancakes (the kids will eat whatever they want over the next couple of days and then I'll freeze the rest)
Done- I did this first thing in the morning.

Yesterday was a pretty good day getting stuff done-wise. Today I am going to run to Target with the kids to get some other things for the party (favors, candy for the pinata, Spiderman fruit snacks for the pinata, grocery items that will be cheaper at Target).

Now I am off to hop in the shower while my daughter is near comatose in front of the tv and while my son is still sleeping.

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