Thursday, May 19, 2011

No More Lugging Bottled Water for Me...

My tap water tastes awful and on top of tasting awful, when I first turn the faucet on it smells like chlorine. I am really picky about how my water tastes and refuse to buy any bottled water other than Poland Springs. If you haven't noticed, the store brand water comes from municipal water sources and it tastes like it. This is also why I do not use Brita filters- because the water still tastes awful. So, bottled water was my only option.

That is until my husband looked into the Zero Water filtration system. After much research and reading of tons of reviews we decided to plop down $39.99 to buy to large 23 cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System from Amazon (there is a $15 rebate on it making it $24.99). Once I finished up the bottled water I already had on hand we set up the Zero Water system and I do have to say that I am very happy with it. The horrid tasting tap water has been transformed into clean and refreshing tasting water.

The replacement filters cost a little over $10 each ($89.99 at and depending where you live you could average around 40 gallons of water for each filter. What I really love about the frigde unit is that it comes with a water testing meter that lets you know how well your filter is doing. Right now my meter is reading 0 but when it reads 6 it is time to change to filter- it really takes the guesswork out of if your filter is working or not (when I tested my tap water it was around 200- that means the filter is taking a lot of nasty tasting crap out of my water).

In the long run the Zero Water system will save my family money, especially considering that I was paying around $1 a gallon for Poland Springs water and more than that for flouridated water for the kids (the flouride is one thing that is not removed with a filtration system). And, I guess maybe I am helping the environment but that was an unintentional side effect of me wanting non-horrid water to drink and wanting to save some money.

This review was written by me because I really like the Zero Water filtration systme. Zero Water has no idea who I am and did not provide me with any free stuff (though wouldn't it be cool if the did?) The link provided to Amazon is my affiliate link.

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