Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please Hold the Chicken (and Pork)

I have not been posting menu plans lately but it is not because I have been lazy. It is because I have a severe aversion to chicken and pork due to the baby growing in my belly and my menus as of late have been pretty boring. My main issue with chicken and pork is that no matter how much it is cooked I feel like it is raw when I eat it- it could literally be burnt to a crisp and I would look at my husband and say "does this taste like it's cooked all the way?" So crazy, I know but pregnant women are super crazy (just ask my husband).

No chicken means lots of red meat. We eat a lot of steak tips, tacos, American chop suey, hamburgers, pasta with meatballs and anything else that is easy to make and doesn't have chicken and pork in it. But, the one chicken dish I can eat is buffalo chicken wraps because the buffalo sauce just drowns out any of the chicken flavor (and I absolutely love buffalo sauce).

My husband doesn't seem to mind the simple menu so far but talk to me again in a couple of months. A big downside to this aversion thing is that I have a lot of chicken that is stocked in my deep freezer that I feel like is going to be bad by the time I pop out this baby in November. I know that meat in the freezer never technically spoils but eating a whole chicken that has been frozen for a year kind of creeps me out.

Maybe when I feel more up to it I will think of better and more creative ways to cook beef but for now I am content with out boring menus.

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