Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Melt Down

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I had a mini-meltdown in the morning.

I really don't know what it was- maybe pent up feelings mixed with raging pregnancy hormones- but I just started crying and couldn't stop. My poor husband kept asking what was wrong and I really couldn't give him a definitive answer. I did finally stop and after getting to take a nap later in the day I felt a million times better but now I am sitting here trying to figure our why I freaked out.

First of all, I know being pregnant and emotional played a part in it but I think that stress was a major factor. I know, I know- what the heck does a stay at home mom have to stress about, right? Well, moms stress about everything whether they stay home or get to escape to work.

Lately I have been feeling like a horrible and crappy mom. My house has not been getting cleaned with the same vigor as it used to, the clean laundry has been sitting unfolded in the laundry baskets longer than I would care to admit, my kids has been fighting to the point where I don't enjoy being with them when they are together and the fact that I joined Facebook and read the status updates of the braggart moms who love their precious darlings and who just love being moms of the year (which I know is total B.S. but it still stings when I feel the complete opposite).

All of the things I listed are completely stupid reasons to feel inferior but when I pile them all up on myself and add in pregnancy hormones I just feel like a big ball of horse crap.

So, what do I do from here? I really have no idea. I guess just keep plugging away and trying to cut myself some slack. I have an almost four year old, an almost two year old and am twelve weeks pregnant- what the heck is it that I expect from myself?


  1. Ive been there and DONE that!! Being prego with Casey and dealing with the other two just starting to fight it was rough...Jeff got laid off then as well. You will have your good and bad days. The moms on facebook that shit butterflies obviously have something to hide! Keep your head up

  2. Thank you for your comment- it is nice to hear from someone who is real and who has been there. And shitting butterflies- I love that!