Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cute Shoes from Pediped

My daughter needed sandals because the weather is finally getting nice here in Massachusetts and when I saw this post at Baby Cheapskate for a sale on Pediped shoes I decided to go take a look. I was pleasently surprised at what I found for prices- normally Pediped shoes are way more than I would want to spend on kids shoes.

These are the adorable sandals I picked- only $26 (reg. $48).

I also could not resist buying these shoes for the fall- they were only $18 (reg. $45).

With shipping I paid $49 which I think is a steal. I only like to buy my kids good shoes because I just feel like cheap shoes will mess up their feet. And as far as second hand shoes go- no way, not in my house. I don't even save my kids' shoes when they grow out of them (unless they were only worn once or twice) because I think each kid deserves new shoes. Sounds crazy but I suppose I am a bit crazy sometimes.

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