Monday, May 16, 2011

Finally Filed My Darn Coupons...

Last night I finally accomplished something that I haven't done since at least February... I filed all of my coupons. Not very excited to some people but to me it is because finally when I go to the store I will have my coupons with me instead of them being in a box at home.

Now, I need to cut all of my recent inserts and the insert that my mom gave me last week and file all of those coupons. Maybe today I will take time to do it because if I wait until tonight I will most likely end up going to bed early and not getting anything done (which is what has been happening for the past few months).

Now hopefully the other pieces of my frugalness will fall into place, such as sticking to a budget and not buying stuff that I don't really need. I do know that this week I am going to try and stick to the bare minimum at the store because I have gone seriously over budget lately and also because my son's birthday party is this weekend and I know I am going to spending a small fortune on it (you don't even want to know what I spent at Walmart last night on a Spiderman pinata, tablecloths, napkins, plates, cutlery, etc.- you would literally crap your pants).

And just a tad bit in my defense I do want to say that the sales this year have been just plain awful at the grocery stores. Shaws was once my haven for stocking up because of all of their Catalina sales but those have all but dried up. While I had tons of free ketsup and almost free Hebrew National Hot Dogs last year around this time, this year I have had to pay for those things. It really makes it hard to stretch your budget when the stores just aren't cooperating anymore. End of whining/complaining.

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