Thursday, April 28, 2011


Kleenex $1.09 with in-ad coupon
2 Charmin @ $2.99 with in-ad coupon - $1/2 MC
Wrigley 5 Gum .99
Less $6 in Register Rewards

Total: $1.06
Saved 91%

My Register Rewards were expiring yesterday so I bought some things that we needed. I didn't roll them because I really don't like shopping at Walgreens for many reasons, one of them being the dumb rule that you have to have as many items as you have Register Rewards/manufacturer coupons. 

I now officially have no Register Rewards, ECB or +Up Rewards to my name. It is kind of scary not to have that cushion of rewards to use on deals but at the same time it is liberating. I am no longer a slave to the drugstores, having to worry about rolling my rewards or my rewards expiring before I an use them. No more having to buy junk I don;t even need just to keep up with the drugstore game. Plus, if you haven't noticed, Rite Aid has really started to slow down on the awesome deals and CVS totally stink with the deals. I guess I haven't really been missing out on much not being gung-ho about deals lately.

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