Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Paid What for Easter?!

Tomorrow night I will be doing my grocery shopping for Easter and let me tell you something, it is going to be ugly.

Despite my better judgement I have waited until last minute to buy everything needed for my dinner instead of picking things up ahead of time when they were on sale. I am going to go into Shaws tomorrow night knowing that I am going to drop a butt-load (yes, that is a technical term used by us lazy moms) of money- this way I won;t have a heart attack when I see the total. But then when I realize that I bought a $60 ham from Roche Brothers on top of what I will be spending at Shaws then my heart will give out.

I do have a $7 off $70 Shaws coupon to lessen the sting and tonight I did sit down and make a list of what I need and what is on sale. Tomorrow I will go through my pile of coupons to pull what I need and finalize my list. Let this be a lesson to you all that being disorganized and not planning ahead costs you money- lots of money as I will prove by my last minute shopping trip tomorrow night.

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  1. I am right there with you but I probably won't be able to shop until Sat morning. Ick! Dreading it. Good luck and have a Happy Easter!