Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Update...

Last night I made my fateful trip to Shaws and ended up spending about $130 (no picture or write up of what I bought because my shopping lacked any frugalness). Granted, some of the stuff was just our normal shopping but I almost fainted when I saw the total. After getting over the amount I spent last night and the $60 I spent on a 10 lb ham I feel good. Why? Because even though I have not been up to the task of hosting Easter my family is going to have a darn good meal to eat. It may have cost me a bit (lot) more than usual but sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack (and boy, have I really been cutting myself a lot of slack lately).

Now I'm hoping that I don't feel sick on Sunday so I can enjoy all of the yummy food I bought (shrimp and cocktail sauce, I'm talking to you!).

I hope everyone has a great and restful Easter!

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